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10 Reasons why Vehicle Insurance is a MUST

Why is Vehicle Insurance a MUST?

Vehicle Insurance for all your vehicles is vital, especially if you consider the crime statistics  and road conditions of South Africa. Apart from that, the number of unlicensed drivers on our roads is scary. All these issues pose grave financial consequences that the uninsured driver will have to face without the financial aid of insurance.

1 Financed Vehicles

Financed vehicles are required to have Comprehensive  Insurance. The financial institution or bank has to cover their asset (your car) until it is paid for in full.

2 Assume the worst

Think of all the things that can happen to your car. If you do not have adequate Vehicle Insurance, you will end up having to pay for everything and that includes damage repair, mechanical failure repair, third party liability claims and more. Having to pay huge amounts when least expected is nobody’s idea of good fortune.

3 Third Party Liability Vehicle Insurance

If you have nothing else, you should at least have Third Party Only cover. This is the least expensive form of Vehicle Insurance and covers the damage to another party’s vehicle if you were responsible for the accident.

4 Car Insurance

Vehicle Insurance for cars can be divided into 3 cover options which are self explanatory:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Third Party Only

5 Vehicle Insurance for your Caravan

Caravan Insurance is crucial if you go on a trip and covers you comprehensively at your house, on the road, as well as at your destination. Caravan contents should be insured under Caravan Loose Contents Cover or Portable Possesions insurance.

6 Motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance products cover your bike comprehensively against damage, theft and loss. Most policies include standard accessories like your helmet and GPS.

7 Trailer

Trailer insurance covers your trailer at your home, on the road and at your destination. Trailer contents have to be insured separately under Portable Possessions insurance.

8 Watercraft

Watercraft also falls under Vehicle Insurance and covers your boat, jet-ski, catamaran and rubber duck against a wide variety of unforeseen events. Definitely a MUST!

9 Breakdown & Towing

Breakdown & Towing is a benefit that is included with Vehicle Insurance policies and can make life a whole lot easier!

10 Road ASSIST

Vehicle Insurance policies usually include Road Assist, Medical Assist and even Directions Assist. These benefits are included in your policy at no additional cost.