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18 Things to do to honour Nelson Mandela

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18 Things to do to honour Mandela on any day of the year

July 18 would have been Nelson Mandela’s 96th birthday. I don’t have to explain who Nelson Mandela was. If you don’t know, my question is: ‘Which planet are you from and when did you arrive here?’

In remembrance of a great man and to honour Mandela, people are asked to use 67 minutes to something for somebody to make a difference in a life or a situation. If not on the day, then later. It is never to late to give some of your time. The 67 minutes will equal the 67 years of his life, Mandela spent on the struggle. When confronted with such a request, suddenly one has no idea what to do to make a difference.

What you can do to honour Mandela

  • ·         Go into a hospital and spend time reading stories to sick children.
  • ·         Get permission from an orphanage to take some children out for a picnic lunch.
  • ·         Invite your crafter friends to get together and spend 67 minutes knitting or crochet blocks to join and make blankets for the poor in the existing cold weather.
  • ·         Bake some biscuits and take it to the nearby old age home for their afternoon tea.
  • ·         Offer to look after a friends children so the parents can go on an old fashioned date.
  • ·         Make some home made sweets or pies and deliver it at your local post office  for the employees who serve you well all year.
  • ·         Collect some lonely person or people and take them to a movie.
  • ·         If you can play a music instrument go and play to people in hospital or aretirement village as background dinner music.
  • ·         Offer to go and do shopping or do payments for someone who can’t do it.
  • ·         Make a meal and deliver it to a sick friend’s home.
  • ·         Collect your own and your friends’ magazines to deliver at a prison.
  • ·         Wash your husband or wife’s car.
  • ·         Go for a walk with your neighbour.
  • ·         Write a letter or two to your good friends and post it.
  • ·         Offer to give someone a manicure or pedicure. Take your own soap, cream, oil and nail polish.
  • ·         Collect some wild flowers and make your own arrangement to deliver to your doctor’s rooms.
  • ·         Make some sandwiches and a flask of tea. Serve this to those waiting for attention at the local clinic.
  • ·         Donate blood. 

Mandela was not only a great man on his birthday. If you read this article too late or missed the opportunity to honour Mandela on his birthday, any day is a good day to show mercy and kindness. Give a little of your time!