Monthly Archives: June 2014

Car Insurance: The story

The frustration and pain of monthly Car Insurance payments But you NEED it!! There are so many reasons why you should not pay car insurance. You need money for necessities and car insurance adds to your pain of paying money for something you may not need at all! Until… A big bang and my heart… Read more »

Girls car vs Boys car

Different cars for boys and girls Boys and girls like different things. Girls like dolls and pink and boys like cars and blue. However, girls tend to grow out of their doll phase and start chasing the speed and sound that you would expect from boys. Times have changed and so have the female sex…. Read more »

Youth and adults

The Difference between Youth and Adults Whether you are young or old, youth, young adult, adult or middle aged, there is one fact we all agree on. We are different. We think, act and react differently. But why? Youth are in the process of growing up, both physically and mentally. Their forming identities make it… Read more »

Who is the best Investor: Allan Gray vs Warren Buffet

Best Investor – Allan Gray or Warren Buffet? Looking at a report done after the last AGM of Bershire Hathaway and the performance of Allan Gray versus Warren Buffet. Who is the best investor? Who is the best investor? The Berkshire Hathaway AGM, was held in Omaha, Nebraska, last month, and it is the talk… Read more »