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Business travel handicapped by Ebola

  EBOLA BRINGS OTHER THREATS The newest epidemic, Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), has everybody buzzing these days. The disease does not only threaten lives. Economies and business as such could even be paralyzed, should the EBOLA epidemic turns into a full scale pandemic. Business travel to and from the countries where the virus is recently… Read more »


Oscar Pistorius, the Rich and famous Over the years, many famous murder trials filled the media. Many celebrity and child star found themselves in the dock, literally fighting for their lives. Former American Football star O J Simpson (1995) and recently closer to home, Paralympics athlete Oscar Pistorius, hip hop star Jub Jub and British… Read more »

Beware: EBOLA is out there

Facts about Ebola According to the the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) South Africa has only has historically only had one case of the ebola virus  reported in 1996. A medical professional had returned from Gabon where he had treated ebola patients and gotten sick. A nurse that treated him contracted the disease… Read more »