Monthly Archives: March 2015

Your Mindset dictates who you are

Is your mindset your biggest drawback? Social behavioural experts have long acknowledged that the behaviour and actions of a person is largely driven by his mindset. Almost from birth, each individual is constantly exposed to the beliefs, opinions, attitudes and assumptions of their parents, other people in their social sphere, their teachers and their preachers…. Read more »

The Miracle of Life – Water

WATER – Not just a Simple Thirst Quencher We all know that weary, fatigued feeling which just doesn’t make sense. You don’t know where it’s coming from and can’t really explain it. So is the case with being untimely peckish. How about a fuzzy head or that nagging headache? Have you ever thought that it… Read more »

Leonard Nimoy – Live Long & Prosper

Leonard Nimoy … Spock is dead “Live long and Prosper!” The news of the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy arrived unexpectedly on Friday February 27th. See New York Times link on You Tube:  “Spock is dead,” spoken by someone holding a cell phone in an office. The shock of it struck a similar note… Read more »

Take responsibility for your financial future

Why should you take responsibility for your financial future? From a young age, one of the most important priorities in you life should be to take responsibility for your financial future. So many South Africans live on or under the bread line. Instead of enjoying their retirement years they worry constantly about survival. Sadly, many… Read more »