Monthly Archives: October 2015

New Visa Regulations

Government finally acts upon the folly of unreasonable visa regulations When government enacted new visa regulations in June, controversy immediately erupted. The new visa regulations were aimed at curbing rampant child trafficking. In terms of the new visa regulations, parents were not allowed to enter or leave South Africa with minors unless they had both… Read more »

RUSSIA: Oil on SYRIA’s Civil Flame?

To Mind Your Own Political Business or Not British Prime Minister David Cameron blames President Vladimir Putin of Russia for causing an even greater upset in the civil war of Syria by interfering in an inappropriate manner. “It’s absolutely clear that Russia is not discriminating between Islamic State and the legitimate Syrian opposition groups and,… Read more »


MALNUTRITION IN SOUTH AFRICA Malnutrition continues to be a scourge in South Africa. A staggering 15% of South African infants are born with a low birth weight due to malnutrition. In 2010, a study by the South African Department of Health found that 30.2% of pregnant women have AIDS. This severely affects breastfeeding because these… Read more »