Monthly Archives: January 2016

Credit Card Must Know

Credit Card 101 Everyone knows about credit cards, but many people are unsure whether they should get a credit card, or how to go about using it responsibly. Financial experts and thought leaders also differ about the pros and cons of owning and using credit cards, but almost all admit that it mostly depends on… Read more »

Third Party Insurance Basics

What does Third party Insurance cover? Third party Insurance for vehicles, covers the driver responsible for a crash, for the cost of damages caused to another party’s property as a result of a crash. Third party Insurance covers damage, especially injuries, that drivers and passengers in other cars may have suffered as a result of… Read more »

Life Insurance Facts

Things that you should know about Life Insurance A life policy is vital as part of a financial plan, especially if you are the breadwinner of a family. For a small premium each month you will get vast peace of mind for your family will be financially protected if you die. Your family must know… Read more »

Special Valentines Day Picnic

Wow your loved one with a Picnic Basket for Valentines Day A wonderful idea for a romantic Valentines Day outing is a romantic picnic with your loved one. We are blessed with wonderful weather in South Africa and a picnic is always an excellent idea. Whether you have a picnic on the beach, under a tree… Read more »