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3 Vital Reasons why you need a Business Mentor

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A Mentor for your business or new business idea

Getting advice from a Mentor for your old or new business may be like a high dosage vitamin injection. Just what your business needs! New Business Ideas can also be discussed with your Mentor in order to reduce the usual risk all startups face.

1 IDEA: Stay ahead of the game with a Mentor

Whether you are starting a new business or have been around the block a few times, you’ll agree that the race to stay ahead of your competition never ends. Market trends are never constant and that fact alone poses enormous risks. You have to be aware of the latest consumer needs and how to react to changes in consumer behavior in an instant. This is what will keep you not only in the race, but ahead of the game.

The knowledge and input of a Business Mentor will add exceptional expertise to the present managing of and future planning for your business. Numerous business owners are not aware of the importance of setting up Business Models, which allow you to plan ahead for almost any eventuality. Your Mentor will propose markable ideas regarding your passion.

2 VISION: Your Mentor adds Value to your business or business idea

The task of a Mentor is to first of all assess the “general health” of your business, after which s/he will have a brainstorming session with you in order to plan ahead regarding a brighter future and vision for your business. A Mentor also comes in handy when you want to throw around a few ideas that you think might work, but are not really sure about. Your Mentor will advise you on present and future Business Ideas.

Business Mentors are experts on all things business and are usually avid business people themselves. They will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your business with you and help you plan forward.

3 STRATEGY: Your Mentor lowers the Risk for you as Business Owner

The most important contribution that a Mentor will make to your business is to provide you with a holistic understanding of your business, thereby unleashing the full potential of you as a BUSINESS OWNER in capital letters – a force to be reckoned with from now onwards! Talking to a Mentor will therefore help you plan a strategy to greatly reduce all risk regarding current and future endeavors and even open doors you never imagined.

Willem Gous Business Mentor

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Willem Gous

Willem has been doing what he loves for years and has built businesses that support his way of living – he spends his days reading, writing, teaching and having fun with his family. Willem spends a few hours a month managing his money-making businesses so that he can focus on what he loves to do, spending time with his family. For fun, he goes flying as a private pilot and regularly travels abroad.

A few topics Willem can help you with:

How to find good business ideas

Limiting the risks in change

Finding what you would love to do in life

Making money doing what you love

Putting systems in place so that your life is less hectic

A more secure financial future

Self-discovery & Self-development

SUCCESS: Start moving forward right NOW

Willem Gous is a successful businessman, excited about his life and he believes in paying it forward. He believes in not only taking from life, but giving back in equal amounts. This is his way of staying true to the personal philosophy of ongoing life balance that he advocates and lives to the full.

Willem is so inundated with questions from people asking him how to create such a life for themselves, that he decided to have a weekly group coaching call to help answer some of these questions. He values his time and only does 1 call a week. Space to the FREE coaching call is limited to 50 people. Yes, only 50 people will have this opportunity to interact with Willem on a weekly basis.

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