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5 Exam Tips you really Need

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Perform better with these 5 Proven Exam Tips

First of all, don’t stress too much

I still dream about it: I enter the exam room with a sick feeling on my stomach. The questionnaires are handed out. I turn it over and read the first question which makes no sense and I don’t have the answer. ‘Stay calm’. My inner voice is rather shaky. I read the second question…and the third….and the last! No answers.

My hands are clammy, my throat has closed up, my pulse is racing. Everybody else are feverishly writing down the answers I don’t have. The clock is ticking at double pace. I’m in trouble! You get my drift?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who just knuckle down, do the revision, stay calm and pass with flying colours. For most normal people, exams are a hardship. Those people will find these exam tips very handy.

Exam tips for everybody

1. Get a good night’s sleep

When staying up too late or even all night before an exam, what could go wrong? Any extra knowledge you gain from a few frantic hours of cramming the night before, will be deleted by sleep deprivation, reducing your mental capacity to that of a gnat.

2. Take five minutes to read through all the questions first

If you don’t, a misunderstood question will cost you dearly. Remember, the examiner will actually read your answers, rather than just giving marks for filling the paper. Five or ten minutes gathering your thoughts and planning your answers, may be the most useful time you spend.

3. Write clearly and stick to the point

Long words and long sentences will probably just bore the examiner into thinking you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re thinking of using a colon, chances are your sentence is getting to long. Use paragraph breaks.

4. Don’t just learn answers off by heart to reproduce parrot style

It doesn’t work. You have to understand the question and the answer should be your own explanation and words.

5. Use the power of positive thinking and you’ll be fine

Don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t learnt everything. Remember that no matter how acutely important the exam seems at the time, whatever happens, life goes on and everything will be fine. After all, you could join a circus!

If you go into your exams in the right frame of mind, you may amaze yourself by thinking of many things that will earn you extra marks. No matter how hard you’ve studied, getting yourself into a nervous wreck wont due you any justice.

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