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5 Plus Points of Mmusi Maimane

<img src="Mmusi Maimane.jpg" alt="Mmusi Maimane" width="300" height="184">

Five things that excites me about Mmusi Maimane

The election of Mmusi Maimane as leader of the DA is cause for celebration. This man has many talents but here are five things about him that particularly excites me.

1. He talks sense

And not only does he talk sense, he does so beautifully. How refreshing to have a public figure that can speak clearly and that has mastered the language he choose to use at any given time. It is also clear that he speaks his own mind: Mmusi Maimane may speak on behalf of his organization, but he is certainly no mere talking puppet!

2. Corruption

Mmusi Maimane does not carry a heavy load of corruption charges, dubious dealings with suspicious characters or scandals involving his personal life. In South African politics this is indeed the exception rather than the rule. His squeaky clean image will win him respect from the voters and from major players in the international arena.

3. Education

Mmusi Maimane is well educated and his qualifications are real and verified by the three universities where he were awarded degrees and a masters degree. His education in psychology, public administration and theology truly equips him to lead this nation in an honourable manner.

4. Professionalism

This man professes to maintaining very high standards for himself and those around him. He does not shirk from acknowledging mistakes and he requires his lieutenants to face the consequences of their actions at all times. This means that we can look forward to a truly accountable leader.

5. Trust & Loyalty

Mmusi Maimane has captured the trust and loyalty of his fellow party members at a very young age. This does not mean that he is too young to be the leader of the official opposition; it simply means that, God willing, he will be able to lead his party for many years to come. We can therefore look forward to a continuation of leadership excellence in the only party that has a chance of steering this country back to stability and prosperity.