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5 Road trip Tips for a GREAT Journey

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Road Trip Tips

5 Road trip Tips for a GREAT Journey and safe Traveling

Whether you’re planning on taking a romantic road trip for two in your 4×4, driving alone or taking the whole family, these valuable Road trip Tips will come in handy.

1 Plan your Route:

The shortest way from A to B is not always the best way. Plan your route according to the time you have available, as well as the sights on the way. You will enjoy the entire trip more if you select a route that includes interesting places, attractions and places you can get refreshed.

Decide where you want to stay over before you start out. If you travel during school holidays, it might be wise if you make overnight reservations quite a while before the start of your trip. You do not want to end up with no overnight accommodation after a hard day’s driving!

2 Vehicle Safety

Ensure that your vehicle is in good order, that your car insurance is up to date and that your driver’s licence is still valid. Check your tires, lights, brakes and battery. If you own a car insurance policy, make sure that you have the Roadside Assist benefit included. You may want to add Tyre & Rim Guard Insurance, as well as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, just to be on the safe side. Always keep water in your vehicle – either for yourself or an overheating radiator.

Be sure to include all drivers as designated drivers on your car insurance policy. You can either call your Insurance Provider with this information or contact them online and they will call you back.

3 Travel Budget

Now that your vehicle is in order and you have planned your route, you can plan your budget according to the price of petrol, oil and expenses regarding accommodation, refreshments and entertainment.

4 On the Road

Take turns in driving to avoid driver fatigue. If driving alone, stop at regular intervals and stretch your legs.

5 Keep our Country clean

When traveling, please do not litter. Keep plastic bags in your car where you can deposit food wrappers, cans and other trash. You can stash the bags when you stop at a garage, restaurant or other designated place.

These Road trip Tips will help you to enjoy your trip from beginning to end, so buckle up and have a great road trip!