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Cheap Short Term Car Insurance

About Us

Get Good Short Term Car Insurance at Cheap Prices!

Times are tough for all of us and everything just keeps getting more expensive. That is exactly why we have launched this site – in order to research and find good, cheap short term car insurance for YOU.

All the Insurance Providers represented on this site are prominent local short term car insurance companies and have provided South Africans with outstanding insurance products for many years.

You can browse through the pages provided here and compare the products each of the represented companies have to offer.

Is Cheap Short Term Car Insurance any good?

Cheap is a relative term and the way we interpret it is based on affordability and product cover. In other words, we look for companies that provide good short term car insurance cover at the best prices.

What to look for when you select short term car insurance

First of all, look at the basic cover these insurance companies provide with their short term car insurance policies. Secondly, calculate the cost of their Add-ons or Additional Cover. Finally, you should also take into account the Benefits included in your short term car insurance policy. These benefits should be available to you at no extra cost.

And the cherry on top: What is their service and feedback like?

With the information provided here, you should be able to compare the pros and cons of all these short term car insurance providers and make the correct choice.

Drive Safely!