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5 Ways to lower your Auto Insurance Premium

Are you looking for ways to lower your Auto Insurance Premium? Car insurance premiums can escalate, depending on factors that include your age, past driving record, and even your credit history. However, the trick is to find ways to lower your annual pay-off. Through intensive research, we can now give you the 5 quickest ways… Read more »

Important Facts about Computer Insurance

The cost of personal computers and laptops make it necessary to have them insured.   You can even insure computer accessories and your cover depends on individual insurance packages.  Computer Insurance Coverage under Homeowners Policy The majority of Insurance Companies insure laptops and personal computers under their Home Contents Package. Your personal computer will fall… Read more »

How statistics determine your insurance premiums

Statistics reveal risk and insurance premiums to be charged  How well you know your Insurance agent has no effect on the terms of the policy you purchase from him as it used to be in days gone by. In the days before computers, auto insurance was personal and a policy was individual. Your agent could… Read more »


Crossroads to face Standing at the intersection of life, you look left you look right, but confusion is the only thing that has the power of authority at that point in time. The weight balance of probability of going for the obvious choice is imminent. The warning signs of self-doubt end up being the safer… Read more »

Love South Arica

Why I love South Africa – a foreigner’s view Speaking to my German friend who has travelled the world and lived in South Africa for the last ten years, my list of reasons why I love South Africa, broadened. Stressing that this is a generalised view, politics and problems aside, here are the reasons why… Read more »

I Love South Africa!

I Love South Africa’s Diversity South Africa is known the world over for its diversity of peoples, languages, and cultures. While everyone has their favourite local dish, the delicious rooibos tea is exported worldwide, and we focus on the small things that make us love South Africa, we must also remember that the country boasts… Read more »

Easy Easter Eggs

Easy way to dye eggs for Easter Most mums want to dye Easter eggs but simply don’t have the time to use all the old fashioned long drawn out methods. These instructions show the quick way to get coloured eggs for Easter, and even the busiest mom has no excuse any more. You’ll need: •… Read more »

Girls car versus boys car

Different cars for boys and girls Boys and girls like different things. Girls like dolls and pink and boys like cars and blue. However, girls tend to grow out of their doll phase and start chasing the speed and sound that you would expect from boys. Times have changed and so have the female sex…. Read more »

Yoga for all athletes

How Yoga assists all athletes to perform better Yoga can be practiced by men, women and children of all ages, shapes and sizes. Your body can benefit from some or all of the various poses presented in Yoga. The main points of assistance to athletes are: Corrects imbalances through the repetitive use of selected muscles…. Read more »