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Budget Car Insurance for Dents and Chips

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Keep your car in mint condition

Budget Car Insurance has a product for every need

We at Budget insurance know our policy holders as well as their car insurance needs. It is a lot riskier to be on our roads today. The road surfaces are not always in good condition. Big trucks share the roads with passenger vehicles. Not all drivers are legitimate and therefore aren’t alert to road safety. Budget knows that it is essential to have proper car insurance and has therefore designed a variety of insurance options.

Budget has also kept in mind that policy holders have various needs and individual budgets to comply with. You will have options to add onto your policy, exactly as you need and what you can afford.

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Budget Car Insurance for dents and chips

You can choose any product from Comprehensive cover to the cost effective Third Party only cover as well as the BetterCar option. Then you also have various options available for the convenience of Budget Insurance value added products.

One of these is the Touch-Up option. Your Budget car insurance for dents and chips. Scratches dents and chips are unavoidable. Stones fly up. A supermarket trolley finds its way to your car door. A child opens the door against the wall or pillar. You know how unsightly those marks are on the paintwork of your car.

Often your monthly budget doesn’t allow the repairs of those mishaps. However Touch-Up cover is your Budget car insurance for dents and chips, to keep your car looking brand new. Touch-Up allows you to claim for those repairs and comes with a three year guarantee on all the repairs.

With Touch-Up, you get License Protect Plus as a benefit. License Protect Plus alleviates inconvenient trips to the post office. Payment for your renewed vehicle license will be arranged and the license will be delivered to your door!

Add Touch-Up, Budget car insurance for dents and chips, to your main policy today!

BUDGET INSURANCE for outstanding Insurance and low, low premiums.