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Buying a used Car?

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Buying a Used Car?

What to look out for when buying a used car

The cost of new cars are escalating and more people are buying used cars. Buying a used car is not a bad idea, but you have to be aware of a few things that you have to look at.

Number of Owners

When buying a used car, you should op for one previous owner. If you find a car with more than one previous owner, first of all try to establish the number of owners. The history of a vehicle may tell you more about the car you are about to buy than by simply looking it over.


You will be able to see the mileage on the odometer of the car, but a service history will provide more detailed information regarding mileage and service, general upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle, as well as how the car was cared for.

Buying a Used Car “as is”

This means that you are buying the car “as is”, problems and defects included. Most “as is” deals involved buying a used car directly from the owner and not from a dealership. When buying a used car this way, you cannot go back and ask for a refund if the car breaks down after you have taken possession and the sale is made.


Ensure that the owner provides you with all the relevant documentation, including registration and service record of the car. A roadworthy certificate is also required and the seller is required to provide that before the sale is completed.

Car Insurance

When buying a relatively new used car, you may want to consider Comprehensive Car Insurance, which includes cover against damage, fire, theft and 3rd party liability.

If your car is slightly older, you will save money on insurance if you opt for Third Part, Fire & Theft Insurance, which excludes accidental damage cover.

If your car is old, you can safely choose Third Party Only Insurance.