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Car Insurance: The story

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The frustration and pain of monthly Car Insurance payments

But you NEED it!!

There are so many reasons why you should not pay car insurance. You need money for necessities and car insurance adds to your pain of paying money for something you may not need at all! Until…

A big bang and my heart sunk

Hubby used my car to take our son home after his daily exercise routine. My car is smaller and lighter on petrol than his 4×4, so it made perfect sense to use mine for the quick drive.

I was in the kitchen washing the dishes, minding my own business and my thoughts travelling to the Greek Islands on a wonderfully relaxed, make-believe holiday. The soap suds was still on my hands when hubby came into the kitchen with the strangest look on his face.

“What is wrong?” My question was one of genuine concern, as I had not seen this particular look on his face in years.

“I had a little accident” he answered, foolishly looking past me.

“An accident? Did you get hurt? Are you alright?” My questions bombarded the poor man. Little did I expect the answer.

“Your car is damaged” was his only reply.

My heart sank into my shoes. My car is not even two years old and I have been caring for ‘him’ with so much love and care. I bought the car new with savings, paid cash for it (that was painful in itself), but felt pretty proud of myself.

“I parked the car in the garage, left the door open and walked outside to check on something at the front door when I heard this loud bang. When I looked around your car was standing with the back squashed into the fountain. I have no idea how it got there…” he tried to explain.

Fury and anger

At that moment I was furious. He was not hurt. He did not look too sorry either. What made it worse was that he left the car in neutral and did not pull up the hand break. The garage is slightly downhill and the fountain about four metres from our garage door. We live in a complex.

He always complains when I pull up the hand break in the garage, insisting that it is unnecessary and that I stretch the break cable. Well, so much for my ‘safety’ precaution! At that moment I felt like strangling him!

The amount to repair the car was exorbitant. Imagine what I could have done with that amount of money! I was shocked.

BUT…I have car insurance. Thank goodness for that.

You NEED car insurance for the least expected accidents. There is excellent insurance for your car which you will be able to afford. Click on the following link immediately and get your car insurance! You may need it sooner than you think.

This article was posted on http://www.car-insurance-south-africa.co.za and is reposted with permission.