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Easy Easter Eggs

Easy way to dye eggs for Easter Most mums want to dye Easter eggs but simply don’t have the time to use all the old fashioned long drawn out methods. These instructions show the quick way to get coloured eggs for Easter, and even the busiest mom has no excuse any more. You’ll need: •… Read more »

Single Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and single People And here it looms, V-Day. The day of preposterous proposals, lavish love, extravagant engagements. Wildly wonderful relationships. And then the poor old singles. The people who sit, watching the phone, waiting for an invitation for a romantic hot air balloon over the Serengeti at sunset.  Listening for the doorbell to… Read more »

Special Valentines Day Picnic

Wow your loved one with a Picnic Basket for Valentines Day A wonderful idea for a romantic Valentines Day outing is a romantic picnic with your loved one. We are blessed with wonderful weather in South Africa and a picnic is always an excellent idea. Whether you have a picnic on the beach, under a tree… Read more »

Crazy Christmas?

THE CRAZINESS OF CHRISTMAS Christmas. The word immediately evokes a range of emotions from excitement to joy, from anxiety, frustration and the wish to hide somewhere until it’s over to a deep desire for reflection. No matter who you are, when Christmas comes around it will touch you in some way. THE HYPE Walk into… Read more »

4 Non-Valentines

  Non-fondness of Valentines Some of you may recall the pop band 4 Non-Blondes.  I am borrowing the name of this piece from them, albeit slightly altered, due to my lack of fondness for this day. Google search the word valentine and you will see red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes along with sickly… Read more »