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Cell phone addiction the latest trend?

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Are YOU suffering from Cell Phone Addiction?

A satirical, personal look at cell phone addiction

Cell Phone Addiction and Rehab for mobile addicts

I had never felt the need for a cell phone; I am far too available already. I have lived in a self-created grand central station, with hordes of children and a pathological inability to cook for fewer than twenty people. But always there has been the desire to write, and writers need solitude (sic). I acquired a door mat that read, “If you really have to see me, bring a warrant”, laid down boundaries for the children, and ruthlessly took the phone off the hook when I was busy with the definitive seminal all time great novel, so why would I want a cell phone?

I was given my first cell ‘phone by a friend who had to upgrade. The ‘phone was a dinky number that flipped open and had a sticky out aerial thingy. He said it suited me as it looked like a powder compact with a make-up brush. Family life does not allow much privacy and I rather liked the idea of a private conversation. Confidentiality was not so much the issue as being able to complete a sentence without interspersing directions to the location of clean socks.

I informed a select few that I was in cyberspace and got on with my life. Later I packed the ‘phone prior to a journey, and saw missed call and sms records stretching to infinity. People seemed to assume that I now had to be in contact constantly. I checked. Nobody had anything to communicate, yet they were hurt or furious. Only one was funny- “Anybody out there, or shall I send a message in a f-n bottle? “

Identifying Cell Phone Addiction

Cell phone addiction presents classic signs of dependency:

1. Usage increases (as tolerance builds up and the original dosage no longer provides relief)

2. Personality changes (rudeness in social exchange when the need for the product allows concentration lapses, inability to sustain listening, blackouts in areas of etiquette, everyday responsibilities become secondary)

3. Social withdrawal (to protect and indulge in secret)

4. Continued use after the need is met, going to lengths to obtain the product, preoccupation with the quest and mixing with people the addict would otherwise not be attracted to in order to prolong usage.

5. Emotional changes (other interests no longer bring joy)

6. Forgetfulness (not retaining instructions as blanks will necessitate use of ‘phone)

7. Defensiveness (lashing out to defend the need, covering up by false logic implicitly believed by addict.)

Prompt intervention

If you notice more than three of the above behaviours in anybody you love, you must intervene immediately: throw the cell phone out of the window.

This article was published on http://www.dial-direct.co.za/ and is reposted with permission.

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