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Co-creating your Own Economy

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Co-creating your Own Economy – fears and reservations

According to statistics some of the biggest upheavals and most stressful events in life are divorce, death of a loved one and moving house. Although some of it cannot be prevented and may be external incidents dealt by fate, there is one change that expects you to delve deep within and find a way.

Co-creating your Own Economy!

If you are standing at this crossroad in your life right now, know that it is only natural to be plagued by doubt in your own abilities as well as the fear of failure. It is a daunting thought to step into the unknown. Many people have done it with minimal resources and a positive mind, and came out shining.

You may think you don’t have any skills or talents, but experience will prove you wrong. You do have skills and useful abilities that will contribute to the success of creating your Own Economy. But you can only discover them by taking the plunge and trust in the outcome. Intention of the heart and mind is a powerful creator, and whatever your skills may be, there is a place for you in the greater scheme of things.

I took the plunge about a year ago, and I still remember waking up in the early hours of the morning, riddled with anxiety and panic. How am I going to survive?

A year later I can truthfully say that I have all I need on every level, and been awed by the generosity and kindness of like-minded people. I have discovered strengths I never thought I had, and have been gifting my skills to people less fortunate in ways I’ve never imagined. And it’s only the beginning.

All it took was the decision to surrender, faith in a Higher Intelligence, and trust that I will be sustained (without the Government). By meeting the right people to make up my pod of co-creators, I now know that it can be done.

Put your fears to rest by knowing that you do have a purpose, and that you are a valued contributor to any just cause. It’s time to grow up and join your soul family, so that you can create your Own Economy and provide for yourself.

Remember, you are not alone. For a start-up business methodology and assistance, please link to INDIVINEUR .