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Crazy Christmas?

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Christmas. The word immediately evokes a range of emotions from excitement to joy, from anxiety, frustration and the wish to hide somewhere until it’s over to a deep desire for reflection. No matter who you are, when Christmas comes around it will touch you in some way.


Walk into any shopping mall, anywhere, anytime from the end of October onwards and the Christmas tree will be in its annual place of honour, decorated with lights, glitter, balls and stars. Music fills the open space and the shops, and voices urge shoppers to buy, buy, buy. The shelves are stacked high with every imaginable gift you can think of.

The traffic is steadily getting worse, the parking less and the shops more crowded with every passing hour.

You either join the mad rush or you run.


The search for gifts is on. Lists come out and the organized shoppers pause, think, select and leave. The serious shoppers spend the day in the Mall and carefully, thoughtfully select the perfect gifts. The last minute shoppers dash in the day before Christmas, bewildered, anxious and frustrated. Their annual mad scrambling for suitable gifts for family and friends ends up with all sorts of things which will be returned two days after Christmas by those poor souls on the receiving end.


To choose and wrap a gift is an art. Careful consideration should be given to this highly specialized activity because presenting Aunt Lizzy with Granddad’s Christmas gifts of two pairs of multi-colored briefs and striped handkerchiefs will not endear you to her. Giving your girlfriend the pair of cigar clippers and a bottle of cognac intended for Uncle Arthur may just cause a slight hitch in the relationship. Handing over your wife’s gift of a pair of chocolate brown panties with the embroidered words, “Bite me,” on the butt to your Granny will not ensure your inheritance either.

So maybe you should put aside enough time to carefully choose, wrap and write a card this year.