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Confronting the Crossroads in Life

How many times did it happen to you? How many times were you confronted with crossroads in your life and you just didn’t know which way to go? Do you go back? Turn left or right? Or do you take the bull by the horns and go on forward?

Last week, I once again was faced with a crossroad in my life. And it is, well was, not an easy nor pleasant one. Not at all.  See, after spending most of a morning between a specialist and X rays and a mammogram – yes, guys can also have those done; the following words rocked my world. “I am sorry, but it seems that you do have stage four cancer in your breast and it goes as far down as under your right arm.”

So, even though I have been suspecting it, having a history of cancer, I did fight it off and was in remission for 7 years, and cancer in my family, it still did come as a shock. And yes, even though I have been walking with this suspicion for several months now as well as the sores and the lumps, nobody thought of having tests done for cancer. Why not? Well, it is in my breast and men don’t get breast cancer. Newsflash, it might not be a common cancer for men, but we can get it.

It took me a while, actually a couple of days, to come to terms with the news.  And also with the recommended and intended treatment which lies ahead of me. And in this time that I took out to process everything, I just couldn’t help but seeing my crossroad right in front of me.

There is neither use nor need for me neither to look back nor to go back. Why would I do that? Just to be asking questions which cannot be answered? Do I look for easy escapes left or right by forgetting what the reality is and secretly hoping that it all will go away? That I will wake up and it all is just a bad dream? No, none of the above is options.

Why not?

Because I am a fighter. I am a survivor.  I am looking forward and taking this cancer by the horns and I will see it through. It will not win. I am the winner here. I am actually looking at ways to make other men more aware out there. By helping others out, there I will also help myself in my own fight against the cancer. Yes, the road for me which I have decided to take at this crossroad will not be easy. I know that. And I know the days will come when I am going to feel like giving up, but I have so much to live for.  I will see my 40th birthday in 2017. I will see my garden flourish for many summers to come. And I will see others in my position also fighting this, not alone, because I will be by their sides.

I will keep you up to date in my fight. I am neither ashamed nor afraid of the cancer anymore. What I do know is that inner strength, especially that of a person’s mind and faith is the strongest medicine and best cure for any ailment.  Whether it is a common cold, the flu or even cancer.

Wow, see, therapy started. By putting these words to paper, well in writing, already made me feel stronger and more positive. I will not give up. I will fight this. And I will win.  And I am determined to make a difference in the life, or lives, of other guys out there.

CANCER CAN BE BEATEN. Some people just need to fight a little bit harder than others.

Bring it on, my mind is right and my faith is strong. What more do I need?

Stay strong, stay healthy and stay warm!

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Author: Philip J Nel

The author contributes articles to websites as a guest writer and specializes in the following topics: life’s trials and tribunals, people and their stories, animals, nature and religion. He is also a proud cancer survivor and that has also taught him more about life. The author started writing at the age of 16 and has written several poems, short stories and even a novel.

Contact details: Email address: pjnel@polka.co.za

                             Mobile 061 960 3878