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Debut Publication of Lynette McMillan

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Debut Publication ‘Kiekies’: What is it about?

This book is written in Afrikaans and kiekies is the Afrikaans word for snap shots. Therefor the book is made up of snap shots from the life of author Lynette McMillan. Incidents worth telling about, for various reasons.

The book contains 71 short features, following the life line of the author, from when she was only a little girl. Some of the events were tragic and heart rendering . You may associate directly or indirectly with many of the characters, reviving your own memories and emotions, to bring tears to your eyes. The reader  sees the word-photos of those incidents. However, when you turn the page you may find a snap shot that will make you laugh out loud, this time wiping tears of joy.

You will be taken on a journey, which interchange between a bicycle and a speed-boat, arousing apt emotions. Every story plucks at  your heart strings and humanity, as it were real life events and not fiction. It provides a reading experience to escape from reality to enters the moving events in the life of Lynette McMillan, her family, acquaintances and friends. Each one providing food for thought that will linger for a long time.

Debut Publication is an album

As with a photo album, Kiekies is not a book that you read once and put it on a shelf to gather dust. You will keep going back to browse and relive the incidents as well as the lessons learnt. Though it is written in Afrikaans, it is written in the spoken language, easy for anyone who can follow an Afrikaans conversation to understand.

KIEKIES: Debut Publication reviewed

This is what various reviewers had to say:

Carol Williams – Creative manager Woes.co.za

This short story collection creates a collage in rich colours, exquisite flavours and deep nuances of emotion that will take the reader on a wild journey of tears, laughter and complete involvement. The author has the ability to carry the reader away to experience the incidents and places she describes.

Piet Schoombie – Businessman, writer and painter

This collection contains a treasure chest of stories and events in a wonderful potpourri of humane incidents that vary from hilarious to tragic. It is truly an experience to page through the writers family album. Lynette McMillan is an exceptional feature writer.

Willie van Tonder – Writer

In beautiful, easy to understand Afrikaans, this album is a pleasure for soul, spirit and mind. It provides delight, frees your spirit and teaches valuable life lessons. This book is a jewel to preserve.

Vic Viviers – Writer of short stories and poems

These are photos (kiekies) of moments in the writer’s life. It is painted from fine observation in honesty, taking the reader along the road of comedy and tragedy in her life, presenting splashes of nostalgia and life lessons. A true conversation piece for your coffee table.

Debut publication Kiekies: Where to get it

To order, send an email to the writer at mcmillan@absamail.co.za. The book will be posted to you anywhere in South Africa at the give-away price of R129-00, postage included. A real bargain for the almost 300 pages of reading pleasure. This will be a great choice as a Christmas gift and Christmas is just around the corner.