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DONALD TRUMP, Another Celebrity in US Politics

Celebrities turning to Politics

The American campaigns for the 2016 elections are turning out to be somewhat intriguingly different than usual. Donald Trump is not the first celebrity to enter the political arena, but might be one of the most colorful characters, though. Many actors became politicians at the end of their acting career, while some made it quite far up on the ladder. Amongst them to name just a few, are Jerry Springer (Democrat) who was mayor of Cincinatti, Arnold Schwartzenegger (Republican) governor of California, Clint Eastwood (Republican) mayor of Carmel, California and the most famous one, Ronald Reagan (Republican) who was president of the USA.

A few celebrities had great success as politicians, using their charm, good looks and fame to their advantage, but others failed embarrassingly. While many actors play the roles of politicians on screen, it also goes the other way around as Ronald Reagan answered the question of a reporter “How can an actor run for president?” right back with the witty question: “How can a president not be an actor?”

Donald Trump for President?

Since billionaire Donald Trump entered the political scene in the USA, he was met with great controversy by the public. The past few weeks, he was called unpleasant names such as obnoxious, loud-mouthed, shameless, a megalomaniac and was described as a loose cannon. He was compared with what it would be like if a 12 year old boy would run for president. One headline read: “Trump turns US politics into a (bad) reality show”. Despite all of this, he still remains number one and far ahead of his opponents at most polling stations since he filed as candidate. Political authority figures wonder if he could actually win as presidential candidate and even become president. His explicit statements and open public attacks on opponents, illegal immigrants and his detractors made him not only a magnet for the press, journalists and TV producers, but also for the largest rally crowds of all.

Trump Launches one “Grenade” after Another

The gloves are off and the fight is on. Like a true politician, the flamboyant Donald Trump would spare no-one from his sharp public statements during his rally campaigns for Republican (GOP) candidate for the US 2016 elections. He apparently called Mexican illegal immigrants criminals and rapists, where after accusing the media for misinterpreting his statements. This gave rise to the political incorrect term “Anchor babies” again, where the baby born in the USA of two non-citizen parents automatically receives citizenship. They are then allowed to sponsor their parents for US citizenship as soon as they turn 21. While most Democrats see the term as offensive (like the term illegal alien), many Republicans are defending the use of the term. Opposing candidates are constantly looking for a reason for yet another round of mud-slinging.

Trump on the Hunt for Hedge Funds

As all politicians do, Donald trump undertook to “make America great again”, to serve the people and to save the middle class by changing tax laws to be fairer to all. According to Trump, people working with hedge funds are making a lot of money pushing papers, while not paying any taxes and he would be the one to change it. While the running campaigns for the elections are still young, only time will tell the outcome and the world will be waiting in anticipation.