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Easy Easter Eggs

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Easy way to dye eggs for Easter

Most mums want to dye Easter eggs but simply don’t have the time to use all the old fashioned long drawn out methods. These instructions show the quick way to get coloured eggs for Easter, and even the busiest mom has no excuse any more.

You’ll need:

• eggs

• food colouring

• bowl


Step 1. After hard boiling your eggs, remove water from the saucepan.

Step 2. Squirt food colouring directly onto warm eggs and swirl around with a spoon or fork into the food colouring.

Step 3. For deeper colour, squirt food colouring over eggs again after it has settled for a minute or two. Or add a little water for a more washed-out look.

Step 4. The dye will settle differently on different eggs – the rougher eggs will be more patchwork; the smoother ones will be more solid and the speckled ones will have a slight marble effect.

Step 5. Gently rinse off excess food colouring and place in the bowl you can also make because you have saved time on dying the eggs.

Easter feathered nest basket

Place your Coloured eggs in this feathery bowl, wrapped in wool. The eggs will look as though they’ve never left the nest! After Easter, use it to display decorative balls or jewellery.

You’ll need: 

• a small cane basket or plastic bowl

• wool

• feathers

• craft glue

• a paintbrush

• paper plate to squeeze glue onto


Paint some glue around the base of the bowl. Start off with a couple of centimetres – once you get the hang of wrapping you can increase the amount you put on at once, but you don’t want the glue to dry before putting the wool on!

With one end of the wool, press it into the glue at the very base and slowly wrap around the bowl until you reach the top.

Apply glue to the inside of the bowl.

Press feathers on the inside of the bowl. You may need to glue over some feathers to overlap them. Have some sticking out slightly and at different angles for a “birds nest” feel.

Your kids will adore these eggs in a nest!


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Ref.: http://www.kidspot.com.au/

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