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How to get ready to travel overseas

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What you need to know when you travel abroad

Armchair travelling is now easier than ever with the internet, but it is also easier to plan local and overseas vacations. Through the internet (and reputable sites) you can also get in touch with people living in the places you want to travel to. Before you travel overseas it’s best to do some homework on the places you’re going to visit.

Culture shock

It’s no secret that people everywhere are different, but with a little research you can make sure that the culture shock isn’t too big when you travel. Just knowing what local body language means – and what body language you should avoid – will help a lot in ensuring that you don’t insult people by accident or feel insulted.

Learn some of the lingo

“Hello”, “please”, and “I do not speak the language”, are good phrases to know. Whether you travel to Egypt or to China, being able to say the basics, even if they just know that you don’t speak the language, will save a lot of time! It’s easy to learn phrases on the internet if you don’t have a phrase book. Just make sure it’s a trusted site and not one making a joke…

Know what you eat

While the locals may enjoy Muktuk or Asadachi, knowing that these are raw narwhal blubber and skin, and raw frog meat (and you get to eat its still beating heart) will ensure that you don’t get plate of food you really don’t want to eat. This is also very important if you have food allergies. The last thing you want to do on your holiday is explore the local clinic or hospital!

Join the festivities

If you would like some extra local flavor to your vacation, you can find out what festivals or celebrations there are and plan your travels around it. On the net you can get more information, including special clothing you may need or want to wear – whether it’s the Rio Carnival or Timkat.

But, above all, enjoy your journey and your destination!