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Girls car vs Boys car

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Different cars for boys and girls

Different cars for boys and girls

Boys and girls like different things. Girls like dolls and pink and boys like cars and blue. However, girls tend to grow out of their doll phase and start chasing the speed and sound that you would expect from boys. Times have changed and so have the female sex.

Gone are the days where girls had to wait on boys to drive them around from one place to the other. Even though we still like the occasional “pick me up”, we like to be independent. We also have our own style and where boys like their trucks and Mercs, we like to let our hair down in a BMW with a sunroof.

Not only do we have different taste in cars, we have different views on car insurance policies and like it or not, insurance companies have different views on us and how we are covered.

New drivers do not have driving records and because of this insurance can be very expensive. This is due to the fact that new drivers are involved in more accidents and insurance companies do not like taking the risk. To add a young driver to your existing insurance will most likely double your premium. Before you start shopping for insurance for a new young driver, there are a few things to consider.

Girls vs. Boys

To add a girl to your insurance policy will cost you less than adding a boy. It won’t be a lot cheaper, but cheaper none the less. The only reason for this is that boys tend to drive faster and they take more risks. Also, they are more likely to be the victim or cause of an accident. This is according to statistics, not me. Boys also get more speeding tickets.

Taking all of these facts into consideration – young male drivers are a much higher risk than young female drivers.

Whether it is a car for boys or a car for girls, the one similarity is: both need to be insured!