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Helpful tips in and around the house

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Helpful tips in the Kitchen

To prevent pie crust from sticking to the dish, wrap a hot damp tea towel around the dish for a few minutes. The pie will loosen and come away cleanly, so you can dish neat slices.

To ripen avocados, place it in a brown paper bag with a ripe banana. The pheromones of the ripe banana will instigate the ripening process in the avo and you’ll be eating guacamole in no time.

For crispy fried fish add 5ml cornflower to every 12.5ml flour and add 12.5ml vinegar to the batter before coating.

Always have fresh bread in the house! Buy your rolls over the weekend and freeze them individually. Take out the night before you need it, to defrost at room temperature.

Make a delicious sauce for ice cream with the left over juice from canned fruit. Thicken on the stove with a little cornflower and water.

Fix a flop! When your sponge cake sagged in the centre, cut out the middle, soak the rest with a bid of sherry. Fill the hole with fruit and cream and VOILA! A delicious dessert.

Helpful tips in the home and garden.

Do your grocery shopping in the week when queues are shorter and shelves are well stocked, to save time and have weekends free. Or shop online!

Remove grit and grime from the bottom of a narrow vase by throwing in some dry rice, add a bit of vinegar and swirl it.

To remove wax from a candle holder blow it with a hot hair dryer to melt.

Buy a young tree for Christmas and keep it potted in the garden, to use when the time is right.

There is no time for ironing creased clothes in the morning. Hang it in the bathroom while you are showering and let the steam do the job.

Keep your cups stain free by dipping a damp finger in salt and rubbing away all stains.

Helpful tips when crafting

Use two different colour needles when knitting a fancy pattern to mark which side you’re working on.

Use brown paper when pressing knitted garments. It gives a beter finish than cloth.

Sharpen blunt sewing needles by stitching into sandpaper a few times.

Helpful tips for family life

Stick up a school checklist near the door. Encourage children to check that they have what they need, before leaving.

Agree on all family policies with your partner, so children can’t play one parent against the other.

Critique your children when you should but also give them genuine praise when its due.

Allow your teenage kids privacy in their bedrooms and demand it in yours.

Do not leave discipline to one parent only. It is not fair on the parent or a child that must ‘just wait till dad gets home’.

If you have grandchildren, never criticize the parents to them.

Another good tip for you is to have all in and around your house Insured.

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