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History of FIFA World Cup

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When did the FIFA World Cup start?

World Cup fever reigns at the moment. This event was held for the first time, way back in 1930. The first Fifa World Cup, was held in Uruguay. Only 13 teams were invited. Participation progressed to the current 32-team tournament preceded by a two-year qualifying process, involving almost 200 world teams.

The history of Football

The first international football game was played in 1872 between Scotland and England.

By 1900 football became loved and played all around the world. The first international match outside the British Isles was between Uruguay and Argentina in Montevideo. FIFA was founded in Paris on 22 May 1904 – including associations from France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, with Germany vowing to join.

As football began to gain popularity, it was opposed as a recognised Olympic sport but eventually became an official FIFA-supervised Olympic competition at the 1908 Summer Olympics, an event was for amateur players only. Competitions involving professional teams also started later.

In 1914, FIFA recognised the Olympic tournament as a “world football championship for amateurs”, and organised the event. This led to the world’s first intercontinental football competition, at the 1920 Summer Olympics, won by Belgium, with Uruguay winning in 1924 and 1928.

FIFA made the decision to stage their own international tournament. The 1932 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles would not include football, due to lack of interest in the US. FIFA and the IOC disagreed over the status of amateur players, and football was dropped from the Games.

The inaugural World Cup tournament was hosted by Uruguay the two-time world champions and celebrating their centenary of independence in 1930. In total 13 nations took part – seven from South America, four from Europe and two from North America.


The 1934 World Cup was hosted by Italy, and 16 teams qualified for the tournament, Italy won the tournament, becoming the first European team to do so.


The 1938 World Cup was held in Europe. Because of the Anschluss in April 1938 with Germany, the Austrian national team withdrew. France hosted and Italy retained their title, beating Hungary.


After the beginning of World War II, the World Cup 1942 was cancelled.


The aftermath of World War II also caused the cancellation of the 1946 tournament.


The 1950 World Cup in Brazil, which was the first to include British participants. Uruguay were

surprise victors over Brazil


The 1954 World Cup held in Switzerland, was the first to be televised. West Germany were the tournament winners, defeating Hungary 3–2.


Brazil won the 1958 World Cup held in Sweden. French striker Just Fontaine became the top scorer of the tournament with a still standing record of 13 goals.


Chile hosted. Before play began, an earthquake struck, the largest ever recorded at 9.5 magnitude. Brazil beat Czechoslovakia for the second World Cup in a row. In this tournament, Colombia’s Marcos Coll made World Cup history when he scored a goal direct from a corner kick.


England (UK) hosted and was the first to do marketing, featuring a mascot and official logo. The trophy was stolen but found by a dog named “Pickles”. South Africa was banned for violating the anti-discrimination charter. The ban remained until 1992. England won the tournament.


Italy were defeated 1–4 in the final by Brazil, who became the first nation to win three World Cups.


Held in West Germany, the hosts won the competition, beating the Netherlands 2–1 in the final.


It was held in Argentina. Tunisia won against Mexico 3–1 and became the first African team to ever win a world cup game. Argentina went on to win the final 3–1.


Spain hosted an expanded 1982 World Cup which featured 24 teams. The final was won by Italy.


Mexico became the first nation to host twice. In the final, Argentina beat West Germany 3–2, inspired by Diego Maradona.


The 1990 World Cup was held in Italy. The final featured the same teams as in 1986. West Germany beat Argentina 1–0 in the final to record their third title.


Held in the USA, it was the first World Cup final to be decided on penalties, with Brazil edging out Italy.


Hosted by France, it featured 32 teams and the first Golden Goal in World Cup history, by Laurent Blanc. France won by beating Brazil 3–0.


Hosted jointly by South Korea and Japan. Togolese Souleymane Mamam became the youngest player ever to take the field at 13 years, 310 days. Australia defeated American Samoa 31–0 in the highest-scoring match ever. Brazil beat Germany 2–0.


Held in Germany, it was the first World Cup for which the previous winner had to qualify; the final match-up was between Italy and France. Italy went on to win 5–3 in a penalty shootout.


The 2010 World Cup was held in South Africa, for the first time on African soil, and the cup was won by Spain.

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