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Holiday Destination: Klein Karoo

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Make The Klein Karoo Your Holiday Destination This Winter

By now we are all fed up with load shedding and the loss of power when we most need it.  It is a constant reminder of Murphy’s Law since anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Well, if you get tired of life in the city, it might be time to head out to the countryside where life is simple, and folks live off the grid. Why not make the Klein Karoo your winter holiday destination for 2015?  https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=western+cape+map

Just outside of Oudtshoorn lies the small town of De Rust. It boasts a load of attractions for visitors to the region, starting from luxury accommodations to excursions into nature.

A prime example of this kind of off the grid lifestyle can be found on the organic farm called Numbi Valley. http://numbivalley.webs.com/

Here life is lived at a pace that closely matches the elements. Although there is no formal electricity, there is solar power and at night your water is warmed by a “donkie” or in other words a little wood stove with lots of spark! Owned and managed by Ross and Kathryn Eybers who have run world class resorts for many years, the whole experience is geared to being one of a lifetime. Vegetables are provided from the garden and are 100% organic. Visiting this haven from the rat race is reason enough to make the Klein Karoo your holiday destination this winter.

What can be better than sitting by the fireplace and having a “lekker kuier” and getting up to a kettle of hot coffee made on a gas stove? Other attractions in the region include the world famous Cango Caves, various Olive farms that sell top quality olive oil and not to forget the otherworldly Meiringspoort. If you visit the Kannaland Liquor store in De Rust you can make the acquaintance of one of the few remaining Meirings of the area, Anne Meiring who has run the store for the past few decades.

Another attraction in the Klein Karoo for meat eaters is the delicious lamb that is unique to this region. The meat has a special flavor due to the fynbos vegetation it feeds on. If this does not attract you to the area as a holiday destination local honey and many kinds of locally concocted medicines, like Jigsimur and Kankerbossie Tea might tickle your fancy. These remedies will make you feel about ten years younger! If you haven’t visited this hidden away corner of our land yet, I encourage you to make the Klein Karoo your holiday destination this winter. Artists who live here year round can tell you that visiting a town like De Rust is almost like walking into a live painting. Enjoy!