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Home Security

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Home Security: How safe is my home?

I have a dog and burglar bars in front of my windows. I am also connected to a home security company’s call centre via my alarm. I am safe…or am I?

Home Security: Finding failures

It is important that you walk around the perimeter of your home and look at all the windows and doors with the eyes of a ‘thief’. Try to visualize what they see and how they would try to gain entry into your home.

You feel satisfied that you have made provision by keeping an angry dog in your garden at night. Unfortunately a dog is of very little benefit if not trained vigorously and effectively. It is so easy to give a dog a piece of poisoned meat. Your dog needs to be trained well and taught to have only one ‘owner’.

Home Security: Easy loopholes

Burglar bars in front of your windows mean nothing for home security, if they have openings which will allow a small person entrance. It often happens that thieves make use of a small child to climb through the window and open the door from the inside. Be vigilant and aware of this safety aspect of your home.

Doors need to have multiple locks. A Yale lock is not sufficient as this is possibly the easiest of all locks to open with a credit card. A special safety door on the outside of your door is an option if your entrance is secluded.

Remember that being connected to a home security company via an alarm system is helpful but this can also prove to be problematic, as it takes time for them to reach your home in time. Most companies phone your home first and ask for a security code before they send a car out to check. By then it could well be too late.

Years ago a friend of mine kissed hubby goodbye on her very secluded front porch in her flimsy nighty. After he left a gust of wind blew the door shut and locked the Yale. She climbed onto the roof, removed the tiles and lowered herself into the ceiling. She climbed into the house through the trapdoor! Creative thinking and easy access 

Many homes have high, solid walls surrounding the property. They are being burgled for the simple reason that no one can see anything from the road. It is always a better option to have walls built with openings which allow you to see the house and garden, or decorative iron fencing.

Check regularly for easy loopholes and ascertain just how good your home security really is. You don’t have to live in a prison, but make sure that you take the necessary precautions to ensure safety for your family.

No matter how good your home security is, you’ll still need Home Insurance.