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Important Insurance Facts YOU should be aware of

This category provides you with important facts about insurance, ways to save money on insurance and pitfalls to look out for regarding insurance policies.

Car Insurance is unfortunately something none of us can do without. But, there are ways and means to ensure that you do not pay an arm and a leg on car insurance premiums.

Insurance is not rocket science, but many people are not aware of little things that may affect their car insurance premiums, claims and overall car insurance package.

We cover important insurance facts regarding all insurance, but focus more on car or vehicle insurance. Vehicle Insurance is an umbrella term and includes motorcycle, caravan, trailer, 4×4 and watercraft insurance.

Did you know that statistics play an important part in determining insurance premiums? These statistics are based on where you live, where you work, park your car, type of job and yes, even your gender matters.

How do you insure your business vehicle and what happens when you use your personal vehicle for business purposes?

Is Comprehensive Car Insurance better? When is it safe to opt for Third Party, Fire & Theft or Third Party Only Car Insurance? Is the cheapest Car Insurance really the best?

Should I add Value Added Options to my basic Car Insurance policy? What happens when I claim? Will my excess be claimed from the other party if the accident wasn’t my fault?

You can also get important insurance facts about young drivers, aged drivers and the advantages of enrolling for an Advance Driving Course.

We answer all of these important insurance facts and more.


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You’ll get the information you need about insurance right here and hopefully you’ll start saving money right away.