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Job insecurity affects many employees

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Job insecurity affects family relationships

Job Insecurity causing concerns

Job insecurity is an awful thing to live with. There are various reasons for job insecurity in South Africa in this day and age. Speaking from a background of finding yourself in a position where your country of birth has no work for you, based on various reasons, leaves you feeling like an unwanted alien.

Job insecurity in South Africa has emerged in the current unstable business, economic and political environment. The impact of job insecurity on individuals and organisations has become unavoidable, as it reigns everywhere.

The impact of job insecurity on the individual

Job insecurity has consequences, which may affect the attitudes of individuals and have possible long-term consequences that may affect an individual’s health and behaviour.

Without a doubt, job insecurity is a huge contributor to stress. Resultant of such stress is a crack in relationships. The insecure person may develop a feeling of inferiority which introduces in his/her mind the perception of letting their dependants down. Different people cope in different ways with such perceptions.

One way to cope is to distance himself from the dependants, so he doesn’t have to explain the situation, answer questions or see his own fears reflected in them. At the same time he is distancing himself from the support he could have from them.

Another way of coping is to do so much extra work and overtime, that the person is in any way kept away from the support of friends and family. Non recognition from the superior at work may result in feelings of hopelessness. This stress causes impatience with all at home. More relationship problems.

The impact of job insecurity on the country and organisations

Due to job insecurity and being under valued, many (too many) skilled people started looking at the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Some of our best, doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers and IT specialists are using their knowledge in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Saudi and various others. Those countries are benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of our very best!

And still BEE and Affirmative Action is applied to vacancies and existing employees alike. Jobs are taken away from the best. Vacancies are filled by people that aren’t fully trained. The organization loses the skills to other countries and the employed lose heart as they can not do the job properly. This in itself is reason for much stress.

The repercussions of job insecurity is endless and ongoing in South Africa.

Having no Insurance cover also has major repercussions!