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Johannesburg Roads need Urgent Repair

<img src="pothole.jpg" alt="Pothole" width="150" height="100">

Patchwork repairs for Johannesburg roads

The Johannesburg Roads Agency intends working seven days a week until 12,703(exactly) potholes and 37,545(exactly) damaged spots on roads, in and around the city, are repaired or patched. They will also repair 2,114 traffic signals in the city that was damaged by rain(or before the rain?). We may say that potholes are job creators. Firstly to count and then to repair the whole lot. The question is: how long before repaired potholes and spots need patching again? Wait and see.

Rain the reason for state of Johannesburg Roads?

The heavy rainfall that Gauteng recently experienced, damaged the already poor and disintegrating road infrastructure in Johannesburg and a wide area around it. One has to wonder whether there would have been any damage or perhaps only slight damage, had the roads been maintained all along.

Now that the chaos is upon the roads, authorities realise that effective road infrastructure is important to ease traffic bottlenecks. This will have a ripple effect on the cost of doing business and entice more investments.

R1.8billion was available last year to upgrade road infrastructure in Johannesburg. Was it used and was it used properly and where was it used?

Macozoma M.D. of the JRA explained that fixing a poorly constructed road is only treating the symptoms and not the disease. Isn’t the opposite also true? NOT maintaining a well constructed road will cause disease and fixing the pothole symptoms with tar Band-Aid will be too late. BUT suddenly the rain gets the blame. Also for 887 storm water drains, bridges and culverts which need R37 million to repair. The same way the rain got the blame for the recent power cutts.

Just asking: how was the coal kept dry when we didn’t even know the meaning of load shedding or potholes?

Light at the end of a tunnel

Work has already started on some of the roads, according JRA operations head Hendrik van Tonder. The weather will determine when it will be completed. Apologies was made for any inconvenience caused during the repairs.

Surely workers won’t cause more inconvenience than potholes!

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