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Leonard Nimoy – Live Long & Prosper

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Leonard Nimoy … Spock is dead

“Live long and Prosper!” The news of the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy arrived unexpectedly on Friday February 27th. See New York Times link on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3msMUM9gig  “Spock is dead,” spoken by someone holding a cell phone in an office. The shock of it struck a similar note with me as the one I felt upon first hearing about the passing of Diana, Prince of Whales. These almost casually uttered words carried the potential frequency of freezing the moment in time. Time slowed down, dust particles hang in the air, and my first response was denial. This could not be true. Yet it was. Principally known for his portrayal of the character of Spock, in the Star Trek series and films, Nimoy has been a big part of my life, and will be greatly missed.

All my life I have been a fan of the Star Trek TV series, and have yet to master the hand movement immortalized by Leonard Nimoy that goes with the famous above saying. Before writing this article I simply had to revisit some of the moments from the TV series. I hope this will serve as an introduction to those who have never seen the show, and perhaps would like to start catching up! See link to Spock highlights from Star Trek here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldezDyDDhRg

I will never forget how spellbound I was when I saw this television program for the first time somewhere in the mid seventies. The most endearing feature about Leonard Nimoy’s character was that he used logic with a uncanny and comical results, always championing intelligence and a sense of cosmic perspective. At other times, his logic made him look kind of stupid, and this was endearing too, since in life logic and intelligence can take us only so far. In the end, his structured thinking and insistence on avoiding all emotion brings to light the value of these very human “failings.” As much as his Vulcan hairstyle and elf ears are a visual and tactile reminder of his differences, his otherworldly salute has made him an icon of strength and endurance. I am sure that Spock would continue to the bitter end, to espouse the salute, “Live Long and Prosper,” which serves both as a blessing and a demand to go on living no matter what.