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F-E-A-R …

According to psychologists, on the “Scale of Emotions”, “LOVE” as well as Joy, Appreciation, Empowerment and Freedom, are the most positive human emotions. On the opposite end, “FEAR” is the most negative emotion, along with Grief, Depression, Despair and as a result, Powerlessness in the end. Now what is “FEAR” then? The Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines it as: “fear- n. panic or distress caused by a sense of impending danger, pain”.

Most people in their right mind would agree that fear is the one emotion they would like to avoid at all cost. It is the root of all evil and illness, according to doctors and psychologists! Why do we struggle so much to overcome and manage all kinds of fears, then? Why is it oh so difficult to live a fearless life these days? In the end, it just comes down to a choice, really.


In primitive times, fear served our ancestors very well in keeping them alive. Life still isn’t very simple and safe these days, especially in our country with its high crime rate. We now still, sort of, live in a “jungle” of another sort. As a result, stress levels are extremely high, even without immediate danger urging a “fight or flight response”.


F_E_A_R has a lot of faces and is mostly unnecessary and less intense when seen from another and more objective perspective. Unfortunately, for the person in its claws, that monster is indeed very real! It can really seem impossible to overcome. The fear of death, pain, failure, injury, exams or even the fear of fear itself, can cripple you like nothing else! Today’s high speed living and stresses can also have the same impact while weighing us down. 


Our bodies can’t distinguish if the fear is “real” or “imagined”. The same biochemical reactions take place throughout our bodies, causing some physical changes. A lot of adrenalin is instantly poured into our systems, causing the so called “fight or flight” response to keep us safe. For Adrenalin Junkies, it all seems like great fun of course. It is only when the situation prolongs though, and we live under chronic stress, that the bad stress hormone Cortisol starts causing havoc in our lives and health. 


Fortunately for us, there is enough help around, if you are willing to help yourself. Whether it is counseling by your Minister or Psychologist, Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Tapping), Self Hypnosis and Guided Meditation, or any other method that resonates with you, just find a way. Manage and overcome those demons, before it ruins your life or steal your joy. Be courageous for a change and take charge. Make the right choice, be your own Super Hero!!



Author: Maritha Koortzen

E-mail:  marithak@webmail.co.za

The author writes for newspapers mainly on Health and Social Issues. She also talks at Ladies Events about Health and Wellness.

Feel free to contact her for any freelance writing.


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