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I Love South Africa!

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I Love South Africa’s Diversity

South Africa is known the world over for its diversity of peoples, languages, and cultures. While everyone has their favourite local dish, the delicious rooibos tea is exported worldwide, and we focus on the small things that make us love South Africa, we must also remember that the country boasts with eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) strives not only to identify, but also protect and preserve heritage both cultural and natural, which are considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. These Heritage Sites include the Pyramids of Egypt, the Serengeti, and the Great Barrier Reef. South Africa’s own UNESCO Heritage Sites attests to the rich cultural and archaeological diversity and biodiversity of South Africa. Through these Heritage Sites I am reminded why I love South Africa and its diversity, and shows a part of the positive side of South Africa when you feel that crime and politics are getting you down.

South Africa’s UNESCO Heritage Sites include sites that are considered to be of great cultural value. This value is not simply cultural, but also archaeological and historical. These four sites are: the Fossil Hominid Sites of Sterkfontein, Swartkrans, Kromdraai, and Environs (the Cradle of Human Kind), the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, Robben Island, and the Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape. One of the heritage sites, the UmKhahlamba/Drakensberg Park, is considered to be of both cultural and natural value. South Africa also boasts with three Natural Heritage Sites. These sites are: the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas, the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park and the Vredefort Dome.

Through remembering the great amount of diversity, history, and beauty of South Africa, I am reminded that I love South Africa; that those problems, which SA faces, can be overcome with hard work, and that diversity should be something that is embraced. The diversity is also something we should strive to understand. The rich fabric of the country – of its peoples, landscapes, cultures, and even ancient history – actually makes SA very easy to love.



This article originally posted on http://www.facts-about-insurance.com/ and re-posted here with permission.