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Marikana Massacre

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The Marikana Strike

The Marikana massacre was the single most lethal use of force by South African security forces against civilians since 1960. The shootings have been described as a massacre in the South African media and have been compared to the Sharpeville massacre in 1960. The incident also took place on the 25-year anniversary of a nationwide South African miners’ strike.

The deadline for miners, and their families, to lodge any claims against the state, is nearly upon us. They are given three years in which to do so. Unfortunately, the Government took a very long time to release the Marikana Report. Our President did so a few weeks ago and time is now of the essence.

I am fortunate enough to have the senior attorney filing on behalf of these families, as one of my very close friends. She was in fact interviewed this morning on Talk Radio 702 in connection with just this issue.

She has literally been working through the night for the past week in order to ensure that not one of the 300 plus families is left off the list. That all t’s are crossed and all I’s dotted. Her tireless pursuit of justice amazes and humbles me, and the level of skill set that this young woman possesses is nothing short of incredible.

I wish that everybody in our country could know of all the behind the scenes people that fight for them. Every day. Some in huge noticeable ways and others in small ways that nobody will ever see or know about. It would create such a feeling of Ubuntu, and let people see that it is not all doom and gloom. There are people so on fire for our country and her people that their own lives suffer as a result and yet they fight, tirelessly, for the realisation of a better tomorrow for us all.

To these heroes, I salute you!