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Missing Flight MH370 – The Mystery continues

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The Mystery of Missing Flight MH370

It has been well over a year since flight MH370 disappeared in mid flight. The 239 passengers on board have not attempted to make contact and are presumed to have perished. Many theories have sprung up about the mystery disappearance. For the family and friends of the lost passengers the lack of closure must have been agonizing. The search for the missing plane has continued. Over the past week debris has been found on Reunion Island that is speculated to be parts of the missing plane. Yet investigators are no closer to being able to solve the mystery of the missing flight.

As in the past, when the drama of the missing flight first unfolded, the Malaysian government has been criticized for its poor handling of the matter. They have been accused of trying to close up the case and of not being responsible with the handling of information. The coastline of Reunion Island is being searched for remnants of the missing flight. On this French territory, residents are being encouraged to hand over material that could be from the plane. More material is coming to light every day, but apparently much of what has been picked up is not even part of an airplane.

The mystery of the missing flight continues. However, the finding of part of the wing of the missing plane is conclusive evidence that the plane had crashed somewhere in the ocean. Information regarding the final hours of the flight seems to be conflicting. It seems that the plane kept flying for over six hours after losing contact with the ground. Questions of what happened to the passengers during those hours cannot be answered. For instance, how is it that no one on board tried to make phone contact while they were still airborne? And what exactly did the pilot mean when he said: Goodnight?