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Mmusi Maimane for President?

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What if Mmusi Maimane Became President?

If Mmusi Maimane became SA’s president, he will truly have his work cut out for him to bring about positive change in South Africa. Even before Maimane was elected as the new leader of the Democratic Alliance, there were already speculations as to whether he would be the DA’s presidential candidate in 2019 and whether he may become South Africa’s president. Mmusi Maimane has already been called “South Africa’s Obama”, with the Independent stating: “His youthful good looks and dynamic speaking style have earned him comparisons to President Barack Obama…”

Mmusi Maimane is passionate about empowering the youth and growing the economy. While speaking to the American Chamber of Commerce, he said that one of the challenges is to build an an inclusive and prosperous economy. On empowering the youth, Mmusi Maimane believes that the importance of employable skills can’t be pressed enough. By giving the youth these skills they will be employable and will be able to take part in the South African economy.

Maimane’s words to President Zuma at the State of the Nation Debate – calling him “a broken man presiding over a broken society” – and stating “You laughed while the people of South Africa cried for their beloved country. You laughed while trampling Madiba’s legacy… Honourable President, we will never forgive you for what you have done”  earned him the respect of many, as they felt that he worded their sentiments.

Part of the DA’s campaigns focuses on being the opposite of the ruling party; that corruption, cadre deployment, and nepotism won’t be tolerated. Growing the economy, fixing the ailing state of education in the country, and working towards a truly transformed and non-racial society also makes out a large part of their policy.

Should the DA win the general elections and Mmusi Maimane become the president of South Africa, the population’s scrutiny may be more fierce than is seen with the current government. The simple reason for this is that South Africans have become so disillusioned with politics, corruption, and poverty, that they will not simply want to see some change from a new – and better – leader, but will want to see positive change on a large scale. South Africa wants a great leader.