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It’s Office Party Time Again!

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The Office Party as we know it …

As December draws near and with it the end of the year, it is time for those loved and dreaded office party notices to appear in the inbox of personnel lucky enough to hold full time positions. The function of the office party on the work front has long passed being a topic of fierce debate and has become as ingrained in office culture as the bad habits of stationary theft and smoke breaks. This year will prove to be no different. The date will come and all personnel will gather at the designated time and place to mingle and work the room. Most likely there will be booze, and lots of it. There might even be a free give away raffle prize activity, with more alcohol to take home for the lucky winners.

Perhaps there will be those who overindulge in the drinking activity at the office party and end up making fools of themselves. They may end up throwing up or fondling a co-worker from the next cubicle by accident. Others might be tempted to opt out with a feeble excuse and not attend at all. There may even be those who choose not to drink  and of course, the moderate drinkers who can nurse the same beer for the entire duration of the party.  No doubt there will be some kind of food involved, even if it is just finger food.  Trending food items might include gluten free, diary free and sugar free selections.

Office parties may offer a chance to make up old office feuds, clear the slate and move on to better days. Alternatively drunken brawls could erupt, new enemies can be made and any number of faux pas can be committed.  The slew of possibility that is evoked by the mere mention of the phrase has a response in all those who hear it.  It is a high probability that right now management at each and every workplace in the Western world is checking the calendar and straightening out the where, when, and who of the event.  They may even be pressing the send button on that mass e-mail office party invite as your eyes are scanning these words.