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SELF-MASTERY: Your Salvation

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Why is self mastery so important these days?

Life as we know it is much more complex than how previous generations. We live in an era of information explosion, where everything happens at a rapid pace, to say the least. Sadly, a common attitude is mostly one of “every man for themselves”. If we don’t get ahead in life, we will most certainly be left behind. In the midst of it all, we are only flesh and blood, struggling to cope with all of that. Modern times call for new strategies. Self-mastery is the key to survival of the Rat Race for a number of reasons: 

Health and fitness:

We are only human; we get tired, we stress and we get sick. Our modern lifestyle can really take it’s toll on our health if we’re not careful. Taking care of our health is of utmost importance and without it, we are nothing and we have nothing, no matter who we might think we are in life. First of all, we have to manage our stress levels by exercising and getting enough sleep to begin with. Lower stress levels will help us cope with all the challenges crossing our paths on a daily basis. A healthy diet will provide the much needed energy of course to do just that. 

Time management:

If we’re not the master of our own time, some-one else will gladly fill that position. We start running in circles when our time is high jacked, with no aim and no end. Our days get busier, if that is even possible at all, while nothing much gets done in the process. We need to decide for ourselves what is really important and get our priorities in order. Time is money, but family and friends on the other hand, are definitely most deserving of our precious time.


If we fail to plan, we will surely plan to fail! Our goals and plans are road maps guiding us on our path to success. Without them, we are lost and destined to a life without meaning. In the legendary book: Man’s search for meaning, dr. Victor Frankl describes the importance of finding meaning in life. That is what kept him alive and sane during those dreadful times in the German concentration camp. Modern society is another type of war we are fighting, hopefully with the armor of self-mastery. 

Career and Finances:

We have to take charge of our finances now more than ever. The whole world is in the grip of an extremely challenging economical climate. According to economists, it will also be a while before things will start improving. We cannot solely rely on our current source of income alone anymore. For so many, that isn’t enough to make ends meet anyway. This might be the perfect time not only to master our financial situation, but career happiness as well. Too many people wake up miserably every morning dreading to go to a job they hate. That is surely not the way to go! Self-mastery and our wellbeing is our own responsibility, which should be taken care of rather sooner than later.

Author: Maritha Koortzen


The author writes to various websites and newspapers mostly on Health and Social Issues. She also talks at Ladies Events about Health and Wellness.

Feel free to contact her for any freelance writing.