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Single Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day and single People

And here it looms, V-Day. The day of preposterous proposals, lavish love, extravagant engagements. Wildly wonderful relationships. And then the poor old singles. The people who sit, watching the phone, waiting for an invitation for a romantic hot air balloon over the Serengeti at sunset.  Listening for the doorbell to ring and it to be something even you cannot quite imagine but you know it will be SO worth Facebooking about later…..

You know, consciously that the chances of you receiving the biggest bunch of red roses imaginable is slim. And yet secretly, you harbour this thought that your very own tattooed biker is just a little lost in his quest to find you, astride his Harley…….. you know that just around the corner he sits pining, atop his steed, wondering WHERE his wrong turn was on his way to find you, his one true love.  He yearns and aches for the day when he will make you his for all eternity. Gnashing his teeth while he mourns all the lost years.

You laugh ridiculously loudly whenever anybody asks you about Valentines Day. It may even revolve around the WEATHER on that day. But people need to know that you don’t care about such a silly day. ‘Valentines Day is about showing the person you love how you feel about them. But isn’t that meant to be MARRIAGE?’ “Valentines Day, what a money-making racket!’ –  these are the things you hear yourself utter. You over-congratulate your colleagues when their awesome gifts arrive by messenger. Slap the saliva out of them with your hearty back thumps, hurting your earlobes with the smiles you lather on them. Wonder aloud how much money was spent on the ‘overpriced roses’, the ‘half-melted chocolates which will probably taste awful’.

You drive yourself home, blasting Celine Dion’s ‘All by myself’ at full ball for the whole journey. Plonk yourself on your couch with three pizzas and a 5 litre box wine. And watch Bridget Jones, PS I Love You, and Ghost until you cry yourself into a bloated sleep.

When morning comes, weirdly, the sun is shining. The birds are singing. The sky is blue. And the world is turning. So if you are a single this year, I dare you, dress up, spoil yourself, and at all costs stay happy. YOU are your most important friend. You are the most important love you could ever find. Explore that love. Cherish and nurture it. And have a happy Valentines Day!


This article originally posted on http://www.free-quote-for-car-insurance.com/ and reposted here with permission.