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Special Valentines Day Picnic

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Wow your loved one with a Picnic Basket for Valentines Day

A wonderful idea for a romantic Valentines Day outing is a romantic picnic with your loved one. We are blessed with wonderful weather in South Africa and a picnic is always an excellent idea. Whether you have a picnic on the beach, under a tree next to a little stream or even in a park with huge trees and a multitude of flowers,  this is a winning idea for Valentines Day.

Picnics are private and the two of you can relax, gaze into each others eyes and enjoy a basket of delicious delicacies. This is a wonderful way to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your loved one.

Valentines Day Picnic on the Beach

Choose a secluded beach where the wind doesn’t blow you away. A good idea is to place your towels and cloth next to rocks higher up on the beach. This will keep the wind at bay and also give you more privacy. Watch the water mark – you don’t want your picnic flooded by a freak wave! Take a look at the ingredients for your Valentines Day picnic basket below.

Romantic picnic anywhere

The best place for a picnic is  where you can hear birds chirping, have at least some privacy and where you can enjoy the outdoors. Trees and a little stream will be perfect, but if that’s impossible, you can even have a romantic picnic in your backyard. Just make it beautiful – add some flowers, light a few candles and voila!

Valentines Day Picnic Basket

Pack your basket full of your favorite treats and stay away from stuff that make a mess, like spaghetti and bulky burgers with sauce dripping everywhere.


Champagne, wine or juice


Crackers with Camembert cheese, mussels, sun dried tomatoes and olives

Savory tartlets

Main Meal:

Chicken or ham salad with sliced baguette

Cold meat, gherkins, Rosa tomatoes and Feta Cheese

Something Sweet:

Strawberries or chocolate dipped strawberries, bunches of grapes and mini cupcakes with frosting and a cherry on top

Pack the minimum utensils, but remember glasses, napkins, cutlery and plates.

Happy Valentines Day!


This article originally posted on http://www.dial-direct.co.za and reposted here with permission.