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Suffering from cell phone addiction?

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Have my toothbrush.  Just leave my cell phone alone!

Thousands of people try to curb excessive cell phone usage and live a healthier digital life. Do you suffer from the symptoms listed below?

Cell phone – friend or foe?

Imagine not having access to your cell phone for a whole morning (heaven!), a day (simply out of the question), a week (totally inconceivable), a month… (the world as we know it has ceased to exist).

Now imagine not having your boss/hubby/teen around for a whole morning (heaven), a day (now we are talking), a week (yes, please), a month… (well… a very slight pang of conscience starts to set in).

People that suffer from cell phone addiction give the impression that they will not even look up from their darling devices if a hydrogen bomb detonates right next to them!  Check out your teen at dinner tonight.  He will probably take you up on a offer to be spoonfed – as long as it means his crampy texting thumbs are free to SMS!

Watch out for cell phone addiction

For various reasons, cell phones are a non-negotiable necessity to most of us.  These useful, nifty, absolutely brilliant devices keep us in touch with the world and on top of our game.  It enables us to take care of things on-the-go. It is a definite add-on to our lives and the benefits are truly enormous – if used wisely.

Excessive cell phone usage may proof harmful, though.  We should be aware of cell phone addiction and protect yourself.

Nomophobia or cell phone addiction is a psychological syndrome which generate a level of fear when users are unable to communicate through their cell phones due to low battery, bad reception, and losing sight of their phones.

Questions that may point to cell phone addiction

Do you …

  • experience a sense of loss and panic when you are seperated from your cell phone?
  • always have it on you and using all available downtime to fiddle with it?
  • reach for it first thing upon waking in the mornings?
  • lose sleep because you are unable to put it down at night?
  • avoid contact with real flesh-and-blood people in order to use your phone to engage in a virtual reality?
  • carry more than one cell phone at any given time?
  • obsessively check for emails, missed calls, text messages, etc.

Take the time to also do the Cell Phone Addict Assessment on BizCalcs.com  test.

Dangers of excessive usage

Research findings published on NCBI indicate that excessive cell phone usage may lead to symptoms such as fatique, headache, and impaired concentration and memory.  Some medical experts are concerned that cell phone usage could be linked to cancer of the brain, nerves or neck.  According to the US Cancer Institute studies at present still remain inconclusive on the connection between the radio waves emitted by cell phones and cancer.

Curbing excessive smartphone usage

BreakFree, a revolutionary Android app, is described on the Play Store as the “app that will help you maintain a controlled digital lifestyle. It monitors phone and app usage and tracks how addicted you are to your phone and apps. With visually appealing characters, graphs and stats, the app guides you on how you can control phone usage.”  Find the app here:

Make a point of putting your phone down for certain periods each day and resist the urge to peek for possible activity. Start with 10 minutes at a time and gradually increase the downtime as you go along.  Seek professional help if need be.