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The sweet and sour of Christmas shopping

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Christmas shopping

What is Christmas shopping really about?

“Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.”

What a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere in the shops this time of year. All that glitter and beloved Christmas carols in the background! I just love doing Christmas shopping. In South Africa, of course Christmas, the long summer holiday, sun, sea, sand, FUN and family are all synonyms. Exams are done and the long stressful year has ended. Now who wouldn’t be excited?

Of course this isn’t what Christmas is all about. All the frills and sparkles just add to the fun and joy. Christmas shopping as such is about the joy of giving to your loved ones. The joy of having someone to appreciate and spoil! How nice it is to see their eyes sparkle with joy when opening that special gift given with so much love. It all fills your heart with such gratitude and most of all for the One most important Gift bestowed on us earthlings.

Where holiday and family is involved, it usually entails lots and lots of shopping for food, decorations, presents; the lot! And who wouldn’t mind a new holiday wardrobe? This can be a bit of a pain, though, and can easily turn into a full scale nightmare. Not every member of the family likes shopping, especially when the shops are so busy this time of year. Although the Christmas message is peace on earth, this is sometimes when peace disappears altogether, tempers flair up and patience gets less and less.

This joyous time can unfortunately add more financial stress too than one would like. The weaker the economy, the less spending money for Christmas shopping and that well deserved holiday. Many times, families put themselves in worst situations by borrowing money or buying on credit, starting the New Year off in a dire position. Just by planning ahead and doing some gift shopping during the course of the year, would take off a lot of pressure during those rather lazy days before Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all and may this be a real peaceful one!