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Car Insurance: The story

The frustration and pain of monthly Car Insurance payments But you NEED it!! There are so many reasons why you should not pay car insurance. You need money for necessities and car insurance adds to your pain of paying money for something you may not need at all! Until… A big bang and my heart… Read more »

Understanding your Car Insurance Policy

Do you understand all the stipulations in your car insurance policy? You may have heard the terms deductible or premium, but if you don’t truly understand the different parts of a car insurance policy, you will not know how to choose the best coverage. You must also know what additional or optional coverage will help… Read more »

Affordable Car Insurance for YOU!

Shop around for Affordable Car Insurance To get quotes from as many different affordable car insurance suppliers as you can obtain, is just the beginning of your search. Affordable car insurance policies from various insurance companies can vary greatly. Comparing the cost of premiums only, will totally mislead you. The age old saying goes: you… Read more »