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Love South Arica

Why I love South Africa – a foreigner’s view Speaking to my German friend who has travelled the world and lived in South Africa for the last ten years, my list of reasons why I love South Africa, broadened. Stressing that this is a generalised view, politics and problems aside, here are the reasons why… Read more »

I Love South Africa!

I Love South Africa’s Diversity South Africa is known the world over for its diversity of peoples, languages, and cultures. While everyone has their favourite local dish, the delicious rooibos tea is exported worldwide, and we focus on the small things that make us love South Africa, we must also remember that the country boasts… Read more »

The Latest on the MeerKAT Radio Telescope

What is MeerKAT? The South African MeerKAT radio telescope, built some 90 km outside the small Northern Cape town of Carnarvon, is a forerunner to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope and will be integrated into the mid-frequency component of SKA Phase 1. The SKA Project is an international enterprise to build the largest and… Read more »

GREAT Easter Holiday Ideas

How to plan the perfect Easter holiday in South Africa! Listen up ladies! The Easter holiday is just around the corner. If you don’t plan the holiday now you will be home alone this year. Come now girls, you work hard all year round to provide for your family or your future. Without a break,… Read more »