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Vehicle recall by various manufacturers

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Vehicle recall by various manufacturers – a precaution

BMW plans to recall 489 000 vehicles worldwide to repair a possible engine-bolt defect. It is a precaution to check the bolts on the Vanos unit in selected vehicles with six-cylinder engines and to possibly replace the bolt or Vanos unit. The Vanos unit is an automotive variable valve timing system produced by BMW.

Toyota Motor announced a global recall of more than 6 million vehicles, one of the biggest recalls in automotive history, to fix a range of safety defects.

General Motors recalled 1.6-million cars to repair an ignition defect.

What Is A Vehicle Recall?

Engineering errors may cause a defect in cars. Usually, the problem is concentrated on models that were produced during a certain time period at one specific plant. Complains are lodged by consumers who encounter these problems. The NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration) will investigate the issue and the findings are made public. Either the manufacturer or the government initiates a recall.

You’ll be informed of the defect by letter, electronically or the onboard communication system in your car. Mostly to advise taking the car to a dealer ASAP. It is not standard procedure, but some victims of car recalls have received courtesy cars while their car is in the workshop. Surely you can ask to be helped in this way.

What Happens If  The Defect Causes An Accident?

The big question is whether an owner will be compensated and unfortunately, the answer is: ‘not necessarily’. If you had the problem and were involved in an accident before the recall, manufacturers are not legally bound to repay you. No repairs have to be covered. Fact is that many manufacturers have compensated customers who could prove the repairs resolved the recall-related malfunction, to maintain their good name.

If the recall work can’t be done on your car, you should report your problems to the dealer’s service manager. If that doesn’t help, try contacting the manufacturer directly or go to the NHTSA as a last resort. As the consumer protector, they’ll take any claim of yours seriously.




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