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Yoga for all athletes

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How Yoga assists all athletes to perform better

Yoga can be practiced by men, women and children of all ages, shapes and sizes. Your body can benefit from some or all of the various poses presented in Yoga.

The main points of assistance to athletes are:

  • Corrects imbalances through the repetitive use of selected muscles.
  • Develop the strength that you need to produce power and stability.
  • Increase flexibility by improving your range of motion and effective performance.
  • Reduces the chance of injury by keeping the body in balance and limiting over-use and impact.
  • Relaxation and recovery for your mind and body is provided.
  • Mental focus is demanded by the discipline of Yoga. It teaches awareness of body and breath. The sharpened mental focus is a factor in sporting success.
  • Everyone that takes up yoga will see results.

Specific results from doing Yoga

Multi-purpose pose:

You can never go wrong with the overall stretch from a long downward-facing dog position. It is nicknamed the ‘chiropractic pose’ as it builds huge strength in the back and shoulders, stretching it all out. At the same time it conditions the legs from the hips to the heels. With the head below the heart, the heart rate slows down, more blood reaches the brain, bringing mental clarity.

Now I know what to do when mingled thoughts drive me crazy!

Solving runners’ problems:

During an average mile run, your foot will strike the ground 1000 time. The force of impact on a foot is 3 to 4 times your weight. No surprise then are all the bad backs and knees, tight hamstrings and sore feet.

The half-pigeon pose and forward bends, seated or standing, release hamstrings and spine. Beneficial for any runner.

That is not me, unless something is chasing me!

Helping cyclists:

Yoga gives you all the strength, flexibility, power and stamina that you need on your bike. The rounded position over the handle bars, brings the need to release the arms and open the chest and shoulders. Yoga also provides plenty of back-bending and spine strengthening exercises that cyclists need, one of which is the full locust pose.

Various poses and stretches can also assist and strengthen the joints and muscles of surfers, swimmers and all players of the various team sports.

A healthy body do indeed host a healthy mind. Yoga develops both!


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This article originally posted on http://www.car-insurance-south-africa.co.za/ and re-posted here with permission.