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Your Mindset dictates who you are

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Is your mindset your biggest drawback?

Social behavioural experts have long acknowledged that the behaviour and actions of a person is largely driven by his mindset. Almost from birth, each individual is constantly exposed to the beliefs, opinions, attitudes and assumptions of their parents, other people in their social sphere, their teachers and their preachers. If the messages from all these people and institutions are similar, the individual concerned quickly develops a strong mindset that is in accordance to that of the various sources of influence. Simply put: your mindset is formed in such a way as to conform with the expectations of those within your particular society.

Does your mindset dictate your actions and attitudes?

It surely does, and most of the time you are not even aware of it! Bigots, racists, cheaters and intolerant people were all indoctrinated from an early age that they are above the law, better than other people, entitled to take whatever they want and to say and do as they wish. The opposite is also true: diligent, honest, law abiding and caring individuals were all exposed to virtuous examples and teachings from an early age. The mindset plays a vital role in the everyday behavior of people.

Luckily, you are not a slave to your own mindset. You can change. All it requires is an acknowledgement that everything you believe and everything you accept as fact is not necessarily right or true.

Examine your own mindset!

So many people do not realize that they fail to achieve their goals simply because they do not conform to an acceptable mindset. A brutally honest examination of one’s own mindset can lead to almost miraculous changes. If you accept the fact that you are homophobic, for example, you can take steps to deal with that prejudice. All it requires is an acknowledgement of the need for change and a conscious decision to adopt a different attitude. Sometimes it is necessary to get professional help in order to untangle the complex components of your mindset. This is most certainly not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of an individual that strives to better himself and the society within which he lives.